Wonders of nature and taste, deliciously truffled.

A creamy sensation for each festivity.

VIVOO RE-EVOLUTION: The Sustainable Sweetness of Being.


Organic raw dark chocolate and fruit bites covered with raw cacao powder. ORGANIC - RAW - GLUTEN FREE - NO REFINED SUGARS - VEGAN


Dates* 39,3%, raw dark chocolate (raw cacao paste*, coconut sugar*, raw cacao butter* - cacao 73% min.) 23,8%, roasted hazelnuts* 15,9%, raw cacao butter*, blue Thompson raisins* 8%, raw cacao powder*. *Organic. May contain traces of other tree nuts, peanuts and sesame seeds.

Medium nutritional values for 100g

Energy 1998kJ/ 481kcal Fats 30,8g of which saturated 13,3g Casbohydrates 39,3g of which Sugars 36,3g Protein 10,7g Fiber 6,2g Salt* 0,1g *The salt content is due exclusively to naturally occurring sodium


130g. Store in a cool, dry place. Cold processed to preserve nutrition and taste of the ingrdients.

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