The pure and smooth taste of Criollo

cacao beans in its original form.

Our classic dark chocolate 73%  

in an elegant 200gr package.

VIVOO RE-EVOLUTION: The Sustainable Sweetness of Being.

Can we take the equipment outside of Sandy Point?

Yes! With proper transportation (Truck, Trailer, or Roof Rack) you're more than welcome to go up above on the reservoir or down to the river at Discovery Park. We can provide straps if needed.

Does the equipment come with a paddle and/or lifejacket?

Yes! The equipment comes with everything necessary which includes a paddle and a lifejacket. Additional lifejackets are available upon request.

How many people can be on a board?

Paddleboards are designed for one person. Our boards do hold up to 320lbs but it is considerably harder to balance and manuever with additional people.

Are your boards inflatable?

Yes all of our equitment is inflatable. Inflatable SUPS perform better all around generally. Our extremely durable kayaks are also inflatable and are rated at class IV rapids.

Can we keep the equitment overnight?

Yes! We allow all of our equitment to be kept overnight as long as it does not include a Saturday or Sunday. All overnight equitment must be returned by friday night by 8PM. Refer to our pricing for full day rates.

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